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Reazioni dei politici alle violenze dei coloni a Hebron

Posted by giacomofinzi su 3 dicembre, 2008

da Haaretz.com http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1043342.html

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday decried the recent violence exhibited by settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron, saying Israel must not allow certain of its territories to turn into the wild west.

“This is a phenomenon which must be stopped,” Livni told delegates at a political summit in Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening.

“When we look at what is happening in Hebron we must be clear,” she added. “This is not just one house or an isolated incident. Unfortunately, this is the story of a group that does not recognize the authority of the government to make decisions, the authority of the court, or the authority of the Israel Defense Forces and the police to operate.”

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu also alluded to the so-called “House of Contention” in Hebron, where dozens of settlers have holed themselves up in defiance of a court order to evacuate due to disputed ownership claims.

“We must act according to the law,” Netanyahu said. “I support using an iron hand against those who disrupt law and order,” he added.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Wednesday that the wave of unrest escalating in Hebron of late was liable to spill over into other West Bank settlements, adding that Israel would not allow a small group of extremists to take over the state.

In an interview with Channel Two, Barak called on “everyone who can use their influence to do so now” before the evacuation in bloodshed.

“The order will be carried out within the time alloted by the High Court,” Barak added.

The defense minister also brushed off international criticism of Israel’s settlement policy by saying that not a single illegal outpost had been established by the state in the last two years.

Earlier Wednesday, President Shimon Peres branded recent acts of violence by rightists against Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Hebron as attacks on the country as a whole.

“Whoever throws a stone at a soldier, it is as if he has thrown a stone at the State of Israel,” said Peres. He made the comments in an address at a memorial ceremony for Paula Ben-Gurion, the wife of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.

An IDF source also blasted the violent conduct of settler youth, saying rabbis and principals are “turning a blind eye to their students’ skipping school to go to Hebron, and some are even encouraging them.”

“We’re sorry about the boy who was seriously wounded Tuesday,” a military official added, “but the truth needs to be said: He is not a resident of Hebron and there was nothing for him to be doing there, in the heart of the riots. He should have stayed in school.”

A special detachment of Border Patrol officers deployed in HebronTuesday following statements made by IDF officials in recent days that settler violence has been “almost unprecedented” in it’s severity.

“We cannot accept attempts by small groups of radicals to undermine the authority of the state over its citizens,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday. “Security forces will have to act so that the law is respected.”

Prominent settler leader Daniela Weiss, meanwhile, on Wednesday denied reports that the area surrounding the House of Contention in Hebron was a closed military zone, despite officials declaring it so Tuesday.

“There is no closed military zone here… People are walking around freely from [the settlement of] Kiryat Arba to the house, and from there to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. I don’t see any signs of the [military] order,” said Weiss, speaking to Army Radio.

Weiss, an extreme right-wing activist who has in the past been detained for attacking police officers, continued: “This is an anti-Semitic act – the thought of evicting Jews from the home. I hope that the government will regain its sanity and they will remove this decree.”

The chairman of the Yesha Council of settlements, Danny Dayan, criticized Weiss for her comments Wednesday, saying she was responsible for brining about “irreversible damage to the future of the House of Peace [the term used by settlers referring to the House of Contention].”

Dayan added that Weiss’ conduct creates the opposite effect from the one intended, saying “Weiss plays precisely the part assigned to her by the left – that of turning Judea and Samaria into a sort of ‘Wild West’ in the eyes of the Israeli public.”

According to Dayan, the leadership of the Jewish settlements in Hebron is responsible, and is able to fight firmly while respecting boundaries. “Our struggle is legitimate and must be conducted in legitimate ways: It can be won legitimately,” Dayan said.



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