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Israeli artists for Gaza victims

Posted by giacomofinzi su 20 gennaio, 2009

da:Yedioth Ahronot http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L

Jewish, Arab artists to hold fundraiser concert for victims of Operation Cast Lead. Proceeds to go to buying medical equipment for Gaza hospitals. ‘It’s our duty as human beings,’ says singer Noa Golandski .

Many Israeli artists will join together this Friday at the Levontine 7 club in Tel Aviv to take part in a fundraiser concert for the Gazan victims of Operation Cast Lead. All proceeds of the event, titled “Muses won’t remain silent”, will go towards those wounded in Gaza in the three-week-long conflict with Israel. The show’s organizers said, “21 days of bombings have taken many victims and left over 5,000 people injured. Many of them will need ongoing and costly care in the coming years, care that the shaky healthcare system in Gaza cannot provide.”In order to fulfill the immediate needs of the hospitals, we have decided to collect money to purchase medical equipment and medicine to be transferred to the Strip.”The price of a ticket to the concert costs between NIS 40 ($10) and NIS 60 ($15.5), and all proceeds will go to the above purpose. Jewish and Arab artists taking part in the event include Israel’s 2009 Eurovision representatives, Noa and Mira Awad, who will perform with singers Gil Dor, Rona Keinan, Shlomi Shaban, Eran Zur, Rafi Perski, Khalas’ Bassam Beromi, bassist Yehu Yaron, singer Noa Golandski, Jaffa hip-hop group System Ali and more.”This is our chance to sing and play some songs and somehow help people,” said singer Noa Golandski. “It’s a humanitarian gesture of people for people, without any connection to politics.

“The least artists can do is help rebuild the healthcare system there and just help people live and get on with their lives. The depth of the destruction that is going on over there is not something that we, in Tel Aviv, can imagine.  

“This is not an act that supports Hamas, heaven forbid. This is not a statement against the government’s policies or the military strategy. But simply, if we can collect money to help people live their lives, this is our duty as human beings, not as Israelis.”


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