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Hadash Web sites prove two-faced in view on Gaza war

Posted by giacomofinzi su 23 gennaio, 2009

da: Haaretz http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1057958.html
The Hadash party’s Internet sites offer different messages about the recent war in Gaza depending on whether you view them in Hebrew or Arabic.

In Arabic, the site quotes a senior party official proclaiming “We are with the resistance everywhere” – a statement that could be interpreted as support for Palestinian terror organizations. In contrast, the party’s two Hebrew-language Web sites denounce the war without expressing support for terrorist organizations.

This policy was discovered – and lambasted – by activists from a smaller Jewish-Arab party, Da’am. An article by one Da’am supporter accused Hadash of running two contradictory campaigns, one for Jews and the other for Arabs.


Da’am, incidentally, received a mere few thousand votes in the last elections – not nearly enough to enter the Knesset.

Hadash indignantly rejected Da’am’s accusation. “There is no contradiction between the various messages,” one Hadash official said. “We send the appropriate messages to each target community.”

The party added that it had even appointed a coordinator to liaise between the Hebrew and Arabic campaigns and ensure that there were no contradictions.

However, the party’s Arabic site, aljabha.org, contains a speech by Mohammed Nafaa, the secretary general of one of Hadash’s factions, the Israel Communist Party. The speech is titled “We are for the resistance everywhere.” In it, Nafaa stresses that Hadash members are not Hamas members and never will be, but that Hadash supports resistance to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.

The term “resistance” – muqawama in Arabic – can be used to describe nonviolent resistance. However, in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict, it is often used to describe organizations that launch attacks on Israeli civilians. And during the war in Gaza, it was often used specifically to refer to Hamas.

Nafaa’s speech does not appear on the Hebrew sites.

Hadash’s Arabic site also published a joint call yesterday with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian People’s Party for reconciliation between the two rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas. That, too, did not appear on the Hebrew web sites. Israel defines the PFLP as a terrorist organization.

Hadash’s Hebrew-language campaign is being waged almost entirely over the Internet, through both the party’s official site, hadash2009.org.il, and an affiliated site, idov.org.il.

Asked for comment, Hadash’s one Jewish Knesset member, Dov Khenin, replied: “Hadash has one platform in two languages, and that is its political basis. It’s true that Israel has two communities with different sensibilities, different terminologies and different political traditions, and we must try to transmit our message within this reality.

“We oppose the war, but certainly do not support Hamas and Hezbollah. We oppose the occupation and support two states for two peoples. We have an amazing political project, the only one that tries to forge a common politics between Jews and Arabs.”



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