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Hadash targets the young via Internet video clips

Posted by giacomofinzi su 25 gennaio, 2009

da:Haaretz  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1058448.html
A group of young people from Tel Aviv was hard at work to make a new campaign film for Hadash last week. Tallie, one of them, had just finished her makeup and listened, through the television screen, to another participant in the film say: “Have you read our program? Of course, it is new [“Hadash” in Hebrew]!”

Tallie turns to her friend and says: ‘How am I going to talk like that? She [the other participant] really believes this, and I don’t really. Perhaps I really need to read the [party] program.”

“Should I start with what is obvious?” she asks the director and then fires in rhythm: “What’s not clear? Two countries for two peoples, Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies, like, duh? Of course, it is Hadash.” The video is part of a new party campaign that targets Jewish voters and is running entirely on the Internet. Voters will not see posters in Tel Aviv with the faces of the party candidates. It is simply not effective for the audience the party is trying to attract. The short videos that were filmed last week will be run as part of the air time that was allotted to Hadash for its election advertising, but they are mostly meant to be disseminated on YouTube, two Web sites in Hebrew affiliated with the party and the many blogs of party supporters.

At Hadash they are counting on rallying supporters with the help of the popularity of MK Dov Khenin, who is third on the party’s list, but who drew considerable support because of his opposition to the latest round of fighting in the Gaza Strip.

“We are relying on the work of volunteers on the ground. People are exposed to our activities through the Internet, participate in it, appear in the videos and then see themselves on the Web sites. This is what happened to us during the last war,” says Itay Naor, who manages the Internet-based campaign.

The party’s target audience are young voters who consider themselves natural supporters of Meretz but who feel the party has become too institutionalized. “These are voters who are not affected by posters. A video on the Internet is more relevant for them. For example, on a Facebook poll we got 20 seats in the Knesset. About 500 people are looking up the word “Hadash” on Google every day, and the number rises every day. These are young people who are tired of the limits of the mainstream and are looking for Jewish-Arab partnership and a social, environmental and socialist agenda,” Naor says.



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