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Abbas Seeks Greater Gaza Role for His Palestinian Authority

Posted by gaetanoditommaso su 8 febbraio, 2009

ISTANBUL — President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority traveled to Turkey this weekend for talks with Turkey’s prime minister and other officials on the way forward after the three-week war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

Turkey has been closely involved in talks on the conflict there, particularly with Hamas. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey was close to securing the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas in 2006.

But there was no mention of Corporal Shalit after talks on Saturday in the Turkish capital, Ankara, where Mr. Abbas and President Abdullah Gul of Turkey gave a televised news conference.

Mr. Abbas is part of Fatah, a rival faction to Hamas that was ousted from Gaza in a brief civil war in June 2007. Israel intensified economic sanctions on Gaza after that.

He was on a tour of several foreign capitals this week, including Cairo, Paris and Ankara, seeking support for a renewed presence for his faction in rebuilding Gaza.

Gaza suffered extensive damage in the war, but its reconstruction is mired in politics, as many countries, including the United States, say they will not give aid directly to Hamas, but instead to the Palestinian Authority.

Mr. Abbas said the formation of a Palestinian government that included all parties would change that. Hamas is doctrinally committed to Israel’s destruction.

“We want a government that would not constitute a pretext for Israel to continue the siege,” he said. “We are not calling Hamas to recognize Israel, but we expect this from the government to be newly formed.”

Israel says it will not consider opening the border crossings into Gaza — all but one of which are on its territory — until Corporal Shalit is released.

CNN-Turk, a Turkish television station, reported on Friday that Turkey was continuing to negotiate for Corporal Shalit’s release, with officials traveling to Syria for talks on the matter. Officials confirmed that talks with Hamas were still on.

Mr. Gul called on Israel to drop the economic blockade, saying it was a barrier to reconciliation. Israel argues that Hamas uses imported materials to make bombs and rockets.

In Cairo, a new Hamas delegation arrived for peace talks brokered by Egypt. The group was led by one of the top Hamas leaders in Gaza, Mahmoud Zahar.

Mr. Zahar told reporters that Hamas would be flexible about who will take charge of reconstruction, The Associated Press reported. Hamas initially insisted that it should supervise the spending. But international donors are reluctant to hand huge sums to the group.




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