Rassegna Stampa Elezioni Israeliane 2009

Monitoraggio attraverso i media internazionali delle elezioni in Israele del Febbraio 2009

Netanyahu: I’ll form coalition as soon as possible

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 16 febbraio, 2009

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he would begin forging a coalition with his party’s “natural partners” as soon as possible. “I am not going to waste time,” Netanyahu told Likud members convened for a faction meeting. “I’ll assemble as soon as possible a government with Likud’s natural partners.” Netanyahu has still not been officially appointed to form the coalition, and it is up to the other elected parties to recommend to President Shimon Peres who they would like to see rule the government. Advertisement Kadima, under the leadership of Tzipi Livni, captured 28 out of 120 parliament seats in last week’s elections, barely edging out Likud, which won 27. Due to the strength of the right-wing bloc, Netanyahu has a better chance on assembling the government. Livni has said that she would only agree to join a government with Netanyahu should a rotating coalition be formed, whereby Likud and Kadima would alternate the premiership. Nevertheless, Netanyahu said that he would form the coalition and that he would “turn also to Kadima, in order to address the financial and security challenges facing the State of Israel.” During the Likud meetin, Mk Silvan Shalom unleashed an offensive against Kadima and Livni, saying that the former ruling party “must immediately stop the shtick, the tricks, and the scheming, not only because she [Livni] spoke about a new type of politics.” Shalom added that Livni “spoke of clean politics, but did all she could to sabotage the standard political process.” The Likud MK added the elections brought to a definitive conclusion that Netanyahu would be the next prime minister, and that Israel must therefore “form a government as soon as possible.” Shalom said it was not in Israel’s interests to waver and be indecisive. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also spoke about the post-election uncertainty on Monday, hinting that it was up to Livni and Kadima to heed the calls of the Likud and join a coalition government. “I think there needs to be a broad government, with Kadima as a central factor,” Olmert said, adding that he hopes “the political circumstances will allow that.” This comment came despite the fact that Olmert on Sunday urged Livni to eschew Netanyahu’s government and head for the opposition in order to ensure a clear victory in the next election. Olmert on Monday called on Peres to decide on who should form the government, adding that he trusted Peres “to carry out this task in the correct manner.” Peres made his first public comments about the February 10 elections results on Monday and about the complicated task of building a coalition. “On Wednesday at 6 P.M., I will get the official results, and until then I hesitate to even discuss the subject with myself for fear that it will be leaked to the press and misinterpreted,” Peres said jokingly to a group of Be’er Sheva high school students. Peres denied that he would try and force Livni and Netanyahu to form a unity government. The president said he would try to fulfill the wishes of the Israeli public. “The nation told me to consider the election results honestly and as the law prescribes, so I will make my decision after I hear out all the parties,” said Peres. Peres is allowed to assign the task of forging a government to whichever member of parliament he thinks is best able to achieve that goal, and is expected to announce his decision later this week. Both Livni and Netanyahu have called on each other to join a broad-based government, but neither has indicated readiness to serve under the other.




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