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‘Shalit first’ is just spin designed to dupe public

Posted by gaetanoditommaso su 19 febbraio, 2009


19 February 2009

At the cabinet meeting Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel does not have to behave as if it has lost its last vestige of strength and dignity. But that is exactly how Israel has behaved. In spite of the tactical decision to open border crossings only after Gilad Shalit is returned, the significant part of the transaction – primarily the general agreement for a wholesale release of murdering terrorists – surrenders to Hamas’ dictate.

“Shalit first” is therefore no more than spin designed to deceive the public. It provides a false halo of dignity to a disgraceful, dangerous capitulation to a murderous terror organization that has sworn not to lay down its arms until the Jewish state is destroyed.

One reason for the establishment of the State of Israel was to restore the dignity of the Jewish people, who for hundreds of years were forced to kneel in order to survive as a persecuted minority among other nations. Even if national dignity was not among Operation Cast Lead’s defined goals, it was an important moral goal for residents of the Negev, who have been bombarded incessantly, as well as for quite a few soldiers and many citizens in general. When Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the top Israel Defense Forces brass declared the goals of the campaign had been “entirely achieved,” the declaration was received with overwhelming consensus, partially due to its element of national dignity.

If the goals were achieved, the chief of staff and the defense minister must explain where Hamas – which was defeated, after all – draws the strength to dictate that Israel release high-profile murderers as well as the duration of the cease-fire. If the IDF won, why is the government paying the price of defeat?

If this is indeed the case, then our consciousness has been seared while Hamas’ consciousness was not affected by the campaign; in fact, it may have grown stronger.

Anyone who decides to release hundreds of killers is responsible for the murders these people will commit. Furthermore, this encourages kidnappings and raises the price of freeing future captives. These considerations make the decision extremely illogical. The would-be prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, must declare that and use public pressure to block the decision from being implemented.

Netanyahu, say his associates, prefers to let the present government complete the deal. But as pretender to the national throne he must not be swept along, like the current government, by pressure groups that favor the good of the individual over the public interest, and the present over the future. Mainly, he must ignore the self-righteous media, which is interested primarily in ratings.

Netanyahu’s steadfastness is not particularly impressive. When he was prime minister he was pressured to release Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and in Ariel Sharon’s government he voted for the unbelievable Elhanan Tennenbaum deal (Tzipi Livni voted against). Since Hamas and Hezbollah continue to plan kidnappings (as far as Hezbollah is concerned, the account has not been closed in the killing of terror leader Imad Mugniyeh, among others), some may occur during Netanyahu’s term. Therefore, only a tough and principled stand now may convey to the terror organizations that kidnappings will not pay while Netanyahu is in charge.

The general mood that caused the government to accept the dictates of terror stem from the takeover of Israeli values by extreme individualism – “the individual (Gilad Shalit) is above any other national interest.” Checking this trend, which leads to national disintegration, must be one of the central goals of a Netanyahu government.




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