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Hamas gives Kerry letter to Obama

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 21 febbraio, 2009

Feb. 21, 2009
Jpost.com staff and AP , THE JERUSALEM POST

Hamas official Ahmed Yousef on Saturday said he wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama, which was received by Senator John Kerry during a visit to Gaza.

The letter was given to UN officials who passed it to US Sen. John Kerry during a one-day visit to Gaza on Thursday.

Yousef said Saturday that the letter was endorsed by the Hamas government.

The letter calls on Obama “to deal in a fair way with the Palestinian issue,” he said, noting that many Palestinians believe that US foreign policy is biased in Israel’s favor.

Late on Friday, Reuters quoted a US official as saying the letter was given to Kerry along with other material during a meeting Thursday with the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Karen Abu Zayd.

The origin of the letter was only discovered after the fact, Senate Foreign Relations Committee spokesman Frederick Jones said.

Kerry handed the letter over to the US consulate in Jerusalem, which would send it to Washington for review, Reuters reported.

At first, Hamas denied addressing a letter to Obama. One Palestinian official suggested that the letter was the private initiative of an adviser to the group, who wrote it without consulting with the organization’s leaders.

However, according to the New York Times, Yousef, the letter’s author, called on the new US administration to bring real change to the Middle East.

“There can be no peace without Hamas,” Mr. Yousef told the Times that he had written.

“We also said that Mr. Kerry’s visit to Gaza showed that the new administration has a clarity of vision and is not controlled by Israeli propaganda,” Yousef was quoted by the newspaper as saying.




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