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Editorial: Israel’s new government

Posted by claudiacampli su 22 febbraio, 2009

Arab News

There is no guarantee that Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to produce a government within the six weeks that the law gives him, said The Economist in an editorial yesterday.


Benjamin Netanyahu was appointed prime minister-designate by Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, on Friday. Netanyahu says he will meet first with Tzipi Livni of Kadima and Ehud Barak of Labor in his quest to form a government. But he may prefer to try to form a government with others. He has what he calls his “natural partners” — the five right-leaning and religious (and rightist-religious) parties.

Netanyahu and his 27-seat Likud faction are squeezed between the coalition that he can easily have but does not want, and the more moderate-looking one that he wants but apparently cannot have.

Barak, leading a now truncated Labor party of just 13 seats, if left to his own devices might well be swayed to stay at the Defense Ministry. But his bitter and suspicious party colleagues are not giving him such leeway.

Livni, who is Netanyahu’s more realistic quarry, has declared repeatedly in interviews this week that she will not be his “fig leaf” while he consorts with his natural allies. Lieberman emerged from the polling booths as the big winner but he, too, has been dealt a complicated hand for the weeks of coalition poker than will now ensue. For Yisrael Beiteinu to join Netanyahu in a right-religious coalition in which its secular reforms would be stymied could well be seen as a painful betrayal by its voters. With these exigencies of arithmetic and politics, Netanyahu could well need the six weeks that the law gives him to produce a government. Nor is there a guarantee that they will suffice.



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