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What are you talking about?

Posted by claudiacampli su 11 aprile, 2009

yedioth aharonoth

3 April 2009

What are you talking about?

Lieberman needs to learn some basic facts before he speaks up
Eitan Haber

It is still unclear how long Avigdor Lieberman will remain in the post of foreign minister, yet it is already completely clear that he needs to get some “tutoring” so that he will become familiar with basic fact before he says more foolish things – because on Wednesday, at the reception in the Foreign Ministry, the honorable minister said some foolish things.

Mr. Lieberman showed contempt to the various Oslo Accords and claimed that Israel was popular in the world only after the Six-Day War victory and that “nothing was achieved by our concessions.”

Indeed, the Oslo Accords were shrouded by great controversy, and some would say they were disastrous for us. However, as far as I remember, both Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon were elected as prime ministers in the past only after they accepted Oslo and pledged to continue on the Oslo path.

Here is the first “private lesson” for the foreign minister, as I rely on my memory at this late hour of night. It would be good for him to learn about the “nothing that came out of Oslo,” as he put it.

• A total of 33 states recognized the State of Israel (for the foreign minister this should be basic knowledge.)

• Economic growth reached 6% and beyond (and what is it at this time?)

• A total of 600,000 new immigrants moved here and settled in the country (and how many came here ever since then?)

• Israeli diplomatic missions were opened in seven Arab capitals (and how many were opened during the time you, Mr. Lieberman, served in the government?)

• The education budget was doubled, for the first time in the history of the state.

• About 200 international companies, most of them giant, made it to Israel for the first time (yes, this includes McDonald’s.)

• Unemployment decreased from 11.7% to 6.2%.

• States where an Israeli prime minister never traveled to hosted an Israeli prime minister for the first time: Russia, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, and Oman.

• A peace treaty was signed with Jordan.

• A decision was taken to build the Cross-Israel Highway (Highway 6,) and construction work got underway.

• The decision was taken to build the new Ben-Gurion International Airport, and construction work got underway.

• The ratio between our national debt and production decreased by 28%.

• Incoming wealth went up from $120 million per year to about $5 billion.

• Seven new interchanges were built across Israel’s road system.

And this is only a partial list.

Una Risposta to “What are you talking about?”

  1. Folco Zaffalon said

    Questo articolo, visto al contrario è anche un’ammissione di come in Israele l’economia sia migliorata e molti passi avanti diplomatici siano stati fatti, tutto sulla pelle dei palestinesi.
    E’ interessante come gli Israeliani spieghino a cosa servano i processi di pace.


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