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Israel Removes Illegal Settler Outpost in West Bank

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009



Published: May 21, 2009

JERUSALEM — Israeli police and security forces on Thursday dismantled a small Jewish outpost in the West Bank in what many here saw as a gesture by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to President Obama three days after their meeting in Washington.

No arrests were made at the illegal outpost, where at least four families lived in a couple of concrete structures and several temporary shacks. Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, said the timing of the action was not significant. Another small West Bank outpost was removed about two months ago, he said.

But it was the first time Israel’s new right-leaning government had removed a settlement, and settler leaders and others saw it as a political message.

“It seems that this was done in order to throw a bone to the United States president,” Avi Roeh, the chairman of the local settler council, told Israel Radio.

Pressing for a renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Obama administration has made clear that it expects Israel to carry out a total settlement freeze and remove illegal outposts in the West Bank, according to Israel’s commitments under a 2003 peace plan known as the road map.

The outpost, Maoz Esther, which is in the Ramallah region. Hours after it was dismantled, a resident, Daniel Landesberg, 19, said he had already set about rebuilding his demolished home.

Speaking by telephone, he said the move was “a signal” from Mr. Netanyahu to Mr. Obama that Israel would do whatever he asked.

Israeli government officials say they want to remove the outposts by agreement with the settlers in order to avoid confrontation. Long months of talks under the previous government, however, did not yield tangible results.

Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, met with settler leaders on Wednesday and told them that the illegal outposts were damaging Israel’s international relations and their own cause. He said the outposts would be removed “if not through dialogue, then through swift and aggressive enforcement.”

On Thursday, Mr. Barak said the evacuation of Maoz Esther was “not connected with the Americans or American pressure,” and that it was carried out according to routine orders. More than a hundred outposts are dotted around the West Bank, alongside dozens of established Jewish settlements authorized by Israel but widely considered abroad a violation of international law.

Yariv Oppenheimer of Peace Now, an Israeli advocacy group that opposes Jewish settlement in the West Bank, said that the outpost evacuated on Thursday was not a significant one, and that the action was “more about P.R.” after the Washington meeting. Mr. Oppenheimer added that the same outpost has been evacuated at least twice before.

Rina Castelnuovo contributed reporting from Maoz Esther, West Bank.

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President Obama tells Israel: stop expanding settlements

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


Tom Baldwin in Washington

President Obama yesterday embarked on his most daunting diplomatic challenge yet by telling Israel to take “difficult steps” towards peace, allow a Palestinian state and halt settlement expansion on occupied land.

His talks with Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hardline Prime Minister, marked the start of an intensive focus on the Middle East. Mr Obama hopes to re-start a peace process that has stalled under a succession of US presidents. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israeli settler leader says: ‘We are running rings round the authorities’

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


James Hider in Kiryat Arba

As President Obama was telling Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, this week that all Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank must stop, in the huge settlement of Kiryat Arba on the edge of Hebron, one of the founders of the settler movement was explaining why that will not happen. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Les Etats-Unis repensent leur relation avec Israël

Posted by alicemarziali su 16 maggio, 2009

Le premier geste de sa présidence avait été d’appeler le président de l’Autorité palestinienne, Mahmoud Abbas. Et 119 jours plus tard, Barack Obama s’entretient pour la première fois, ce lundi 18 mai, avec le premier ministre israélien, Benjamin Nétanyahou, à la Maison Blanche. Iran, processus de paix, dénucléarisation du Proche-Orient : les enjeux sont élevés alors que Washington tente de passer d’une position de soutien sans faille à Israël à celle de faiseur de paix dans la région.

Après cet entretien, le président américain doit recevoir, le 26 mai, son homologue égyptien Hosni Moubarak, et le 28 mai, M. Abbas. Il a prévu ensuite de s’adresser directement au monde arabe le 4 juin, au Caire. Une conférence internationale – vieille idée de la Russie – pourrait suivre. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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OPINION/We have become slaves

Posted by alicemarziali su 10 aprile, 2009


By Doron Rosenblum

This Passover, observant Jews said the Blessing of the Sun, a tradition held every 28 years steeped in mysticism, under which the sun is believed to return to its location on the fourth day of Creation. But the sun isn’t alone in returning to where it was 28 years ago: A comparison between today’s headlines and those in the archives show that Israel is also where it was 28 years ago.

Back in 1981, the year Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor, we were threatened by an existential threat, Likud won the elections, Israeli jets flew over Lebanon on reconnaissance missions, three new settlements were built on the Golan Heights and many more in the West Bank, and veteran MK Michael Eitan had just become a lawmaker. Indeed, the sun seems to have been at the exact same angle as it was this week when the government was sworn in. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Settlers attack West Bank village

Posted by alicemarziali su 9 aprile, 2009

AL JAZEERA INTERNATIONAL At least eight people have been injured in a rampage by Jewish settlers through an Arab village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, residents have said.

The settlers from Bat Ayin, where a Palestinian killed a young settler last week, attacked cars and homes in the village of Safa on Wednesday.

The Israeli account is that the settlers, who were armed, came under attack when they entered Safa to pray, Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in the West Bank, said.

The Palestinians were injured when the Israeli troops fired tear gas and live ammunition to break up the disturbance, medics said.

Palestinian medical staff said they could not reach the village as a result of the continuing violence. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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The Settlement Freeze Fallacy

Posted by valecardia su 8 aprile, 2009


Will Israel’s new government face American demands for a settlement freeze? If so, we are headed for a needless confrontation with the Netanyahu cabinet.

There is wide consensus that the main obstacle to an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement is settlement activity — new construction in the communities beyond the “Green Line,” as the border of Israel from the 1949 armistice until the 1967 war is known. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called settlement activity “the greatest obstacle” to peace, former president George W. Bush called it an “impediment” to peace, and the international “quartet” — the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations — has criticized settlement activity in virtually all of its joint statements. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Young Settler Killed In West Bank Attack

Posted by valecardia su 3 aprile, 2009


JERUSALEM, April 2 — An attacker with an ax killed a 13-year-old boy and wounded a 7-year-old boy in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, prompting calls for tighter security as a new Israeli government took office.

The midday attack took place at the settlement of Bat Ayin, home to about 1,000 people and part of the Gush Etzion group of settlements south of Jerusalem. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Ardor religioso en el Ejército israelí

Posted by valentinabalzati su 31 marzo, 2009


Colonos y ultraortodoxos se hacen fuertes en las Fuerzas Armadas debido a su celo patriótico y al creciente número de jóvenes que eluden la llamada a filas. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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New support for West Bank outpost

Posted by gaetanoditommaso su 26 marzo, 2009


26 March 2009

By Tim Franks
BBC News, Jerusalem

An unauthorised settlement in the West Bank, illegal even under Israeli law, appears to be benefiting from state funding, the BBC has uncovered.

A road is being built from the established settlement of Eli, near the Palestinian city of Nablus, leading east to the illegal outpost at Hayovel.

Settlement expansion is a major barrier to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

The international community regards all settlements in the West Bank as illegal under international law.

Israel disputes this, but even under Israeli law, those newer, smaller settlements – known as outposts – which have not received authorisation from the government are deemed, by the Israeli government, to be illegal. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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