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Obama to meet Middle East leaders

Posted by claudiacampli su 20 settembre, 2009

President Barack Obama will meet Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Tuesday to try to relaunch peace talks.

Mr Obama will hold separate talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, before a joint meeting. Leggi il seguito di questo post »


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Misery Hangs Over Gaza Despite Pledges of Help

Posted by claudiacampli su 28 maggio, 2009


Published: May 28, 2009

GAZA — Dozens of families still live in tents amid collapsed buildings and rusting pipes. With construction materials barred, a few are building mud-brick homes. Everything but food and medicine has to be smuggled through desert tunnels from Egypt. Among the items that people seek is an addictive pain reliever used to fight depression. Four months after Israel waged a war here to stop Hamas rocket fire and two years after Hamas took full control of this coastal strip, Gaza is like an island adrift. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israel Hopes for U.S. Settlement Shift

Posted by claudiacampli su 27 maggio, 2009



Published: May 27, 2009

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government wants to reach understandings with the Obama administration that would allow some new construction in West Bank settlements, an Israeli official said Wednesday, despite vocal American and Palestinian opposition. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israel Removes Illegal Settler Outpost in West Bank

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009



Published: May 21, 2009

JERUSALEM — Israeli police and security forces on Thursday dismantled a small Jewish outpost in the West Bank in what many here saw as a gesture by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to President Obama three days after their meeting in Washington.

No arrests were made at the illegal outpost, where at least four families lived in a couple of concrete structures and several temporary shacks. Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman, said the timing of the action was not significant. Another small West Bank outpost was removed about two months ago, he said.

But it was the first time Israel’s new right-leaning government had removed a settlement, and settler leaders and others saw it as a political message.

“It seems that this was done in order to throw a bone to the United States president,” Avi Roeh, the chairman of the local settler council, told Israel Radio.

Pressing for a renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Obama administration has made clear that it expects Israel to carry out a total settlement freeze and remove illegal outposts in the West Bank, according to Israel’s commitments under a 2003 peace plan known as the road map.

The outpost, Maoz Esther, which is in the Ramallah region. Hours after it was dismantled, a resident, Daniel Landesberg, 19, said he had already set about rebuilding his demolished home.

Speaking by telephone, he said the move was “a signal” from Mr. Netanyahu to Mr. Obama that Israel would do whatever he asked.

Israeli government officials say they want to remove the outposts by agreement with the settlers in order to avoid confrontation. Long months of talks under the previous government, however, did not yield tangible results.

Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, met with settler leaders on Wednesday and told them that the illegal outposts were damaging Israel’s international relations and their own cause. He said the outposts would be removed “if not through dialogue, then through swift and aggressive enforcement.”

On Thursday, Mr. Barak said the evacuation of Maoz Esther was “not connected with the Americans or American pressure,” and that it was carried out according to routine orders. More than a hundred outposts are dotted around the West Bank, alongside dozens of established Jewish settlements authorized by Israel but widely considered abroad a violation of international law.

Yariv Oppenheimer of Peace Now, an Israeli advocacy group that opposes Jewish settlement in the West Bank, said that the outpost evacuated on Thursday was not a significant one, and that the action was “more about P.R.” after the Washington meeting. Mr. Oppenheimer added that the same outpost has been evacuated at least twice before.

Rina Castelnuovo contributed reporting from Maoz Esther, West Bank.

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President Obama tells Israel: stop expanding settlements

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


Tom Baldwin in Washington

President Obama yesterday embarked on his most daunting diplomatic challenge yet by telling Israel to take “difficult steps” towards peace, allow a Palestinian state and halt settlement expansion on occupied land.

His talks with Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hardline Prime Minister, marked the start of an intensive focus on the Middle East. Mr Obama hopes to re-start a peace process that has stalled under a succession of US presidents. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israeli settler leader says: ‘We are running rings round the authorities’

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


James Hider in Kiryat Arba

As President Obama was telling Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, this week that all Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank must stop, in the huge settlement of Kiryat Arba on the edge of Hebron, one of the founders of the settler movement was explaining why that will not happen. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Will Barack Obama risk getting tough with Binyamin Netanyahu?

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


Bronwen Maddox, Chief Foreign Commentator

How tough could President Obama be on Israel if he wanted? And how tough is he likely to be? He could make life expensive and uncomfortable for Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s new Prime Minister. That could have repercussions for him, from American public anger and opposition in Congress — as George Bush senior and Jimmy Carter, two presidents who took a tougher line, could warn him. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Ahmadinejad claims Iran’s new missile is capable of hitting Israel

Posted by claudiacampli su 21 maggio, 2009


Nico Hines

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed today that Iran has successfully test fired a new medium-range missile capable of striking as far as Israel or southern Europe.

The Iranian President told a cheering crowd that the military had launched a surface-to-surface missile called Sejil-2 which has a range of about 1,200 miles. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Face à Nétanyahou, Obama répète son soutien à la création d’un Etat palestinien

Posted by alicemarziali su 19 maggio, 2009

LE MONDESans surprise, Barack Obama a réaffirmé, lundi 18 mai, son soutien à la création d’un Etat palestinien à l’issue d’un entretien avec le premier ministre israélien, Benyamin Nétanyahou. “Nous avons parlé des moyens de relancer des négociations sérieuses sur les questions d’Israël et des Palestiniens”, a dit le président américain, ajoutant que la “solution à deux Etats” servait les intérêts des deux camps.

Obama s’exprimait à l’issue d’un entretien à la Maison Blanche avec Nétanyahou, qui effectuait son premier déplacement à Washington depuis son retour à la tête du gouvernement israélien, le 31 mars. Il a également rappelé que la “feuille de route” de 2003 soutenue par les médiateurs internationaux fixait à Israël la nécessité de geler toute activité de colonisation dans les territoires palestiniens. Nétanyahou, dont la coalition intègre des partis hostiles à cette solution à deux Etats, a estimé pour sa part que les Palestiniens devaient s’administrer eux-mêmes mais n’a fait nulle mention d’un Etat palestinien proprement dit. “Nous ne voulons pas gouverner les Palestiniens. Nous voulons qu’ils se gouvernent eux-mêmes”, a-t-il dit. L’objectif de créer un Etat palestinien avait été réaffirmé fin 2007 à Annapolis par le prédécesseur de Nétanyahou, Ehoud Olmert, et le président de l’Autorité palestinienne, Mahmoud Abbas, réunis dans le Maryland par George Bush. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Obama: «Serve uno stato palestinese» Ma Netanyahu risponde di no

Posted by claudiacampli su 19 maggio, 2009

Corriere della Sera

WASHINGTON – Durante l’incontro alla Casa Bianca con il premier israeliano Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama ha ribadito l’impegno degli Usa nella soluzione dei due Stati per la pace tra israeliani e palestinesi e ha chiesto a Israele di evitare nuovi insediamenti in Cisgiordania. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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