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Israeli settlers rally behind Likud

Posted by alicemarziali su 8 febbraio, 2009

al jazeera international

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli opposition leader, has called on his supporters in West Bank settlements to boost his party’s chances in the polls as the Israeli elections loom.

“Don’t waste your vote on smaller parties,” the Likud leader told a cheering crowd of supporters as he toured the settlement of Beit Ariyeh. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Post-Gaza realism

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 28 gennaio, 2009


As US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell arrives here for his first mission, a couple of weeks before Israel’s general election, two questions arise. One is whether the new American administration is correct in assuming that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be brought to an end just by “trying harder” with what has consistently failed in the past fifteen years. The second question is whether electing an Israeli government which does not share that assumption might not spell trouble for the future of Israel’s “special relationship” with the United States. The answer to both questions is no. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Analysis: After the war, an uneasy peace

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 23 gennaio, 2009

From CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman

GAZA CITY (CNN) — Just a few hours before President Barack Obama rode in a triumphal parade from Capitol Hill to the White House, in Gaza City there was another triumphal parade. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israel asegura a la UE que abrirá paso a la ayuda a la franja

Posted by valentinabalzati su 22 gennaio, 2009

A. MISSÉ, El Pais

La Unión Europea pidió ayer a la ministra de Exteriores de Israel, Tzipi Livni, que consolide la paz, abra Gaza y permita la entrada de alimentos, medicinas y agua sin límite. Livni aseguró que los pasos fronterizos al territorio palestino están abiertos a la entrada de ayuda, y que Israel está dispuesto a cooperar “en todo lo necesario” para garantizar que la asistencia humanitaria llegue a su destino. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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IDF completes withdrawal of all soldiers from Gaza

Posted by giacomofinzi su 21 gennaio, 2009

da:Haaretz http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1057390.html

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday said it had withdrawn all of its soldiers from Gaza, three and a half weeks after launching Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in the coastal territory.
“As of this morning, the last of the Israel Defence Forces soldiers have left the Gaza Strip and the forces have deployed outside of Gaza and are prepared for any occurrences,” an army spokesman said.
The pullout was completed before dawn on Wednesday, according to the army.Israel sent thousands of troops into the Palestinian territory earlier this month as part of the bruising 22-day offensive against militants who have terrorized southern Israel with rocket fire for years.

The timing of the pullout reflected Israeli hopes to defuse the crisis in Gaza before new U.S. President Barack Obama entered the White House.

Addressing concerns in Israel that Obama would soften Washington’s policy towards Hamas and another Israeli foe, Iran, Vice Premier Haim Ramon said: “Let’s not fear President Obama. I am convinced that President Obama and his team want to achieve what is essential to Israel – two states for two peoples,” Ramon told Israel Radio.

The IDF said troops remain massed on the Israeli side of the border, prepared to take action in the event of renewed militant fire. And Israeli navy ships reportedly shot rounds of machine-gun fire at the beaches of northern Gaza.

The military had no immediate comment on the gunboat fire.

Both sides declared cease-fires that went into effect Sunday. But the truce has been shaky, with firing from both sides.

Israel reported mortar shelling from Gaza on Tuesday. The Palestinians have said Israeli troops shot to death two farmers since the truce took hold.

The military said some troops remain massed on the Israeli side of the border prepared to take action against renewed militant fire.

The United Nations, whose secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, toured Gaza’s rubble-strewn streets on Tuesday and described the destruction he witnessed as heartbreaking, has estimated some $330 million is needed for urgent aid in the coastal enclave.

Reconstruction, if it can be launched in light of the frost between Hamas and the West, may cost close to $2 billion, according to Palestinian and international estimates.

The liaison office for civilian territories, meanwhile, said Hamas is intentionally harming humanitarian aid transferred from Israel by firing mortars at the Karni, Kissufim and Kerem Shalom crossings. The liaison office and Shin Bet security service both accused Hamas of looting trucks bringing supplies into Gaza.

The Shin Bet also reported many instances since the cease-fire of Hamas members shooting and wounding Fatah activists in Gaza.

IAF hits back at mortar shell launchers

The Israel Air Force on Tuesday attacked areas in the Gaza Strip from which Palestinians fired mortar shells. The Israel Defense Forces said that about eight mortar shells were shot from near a central Gaza refugee camp, apparently by Hamas. Two of the shells landed in the Strip and the rest fell in open territory in the western Negev near the border.

At this stage, the IDF is holding its fire after its attack at around 6 P.M. Tuesday.

The Palestinians also fired light weapons into Israel on Tuesday, from both north and south of the Kissufim crossing. An explosive charge was also apparently set off.

Also Tuesday, the IDF began to discharge reservists who took part in Operation Cast Lead. Military sources, however, said a harsh aerial response can be expected if the cross-border attacks continue.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi visited Southern Command headquarters Tuesday and met senior officers who took part in the operation. Olmert also heard reviews from brigade commanders.

Olmert thanked the IDF, Southern Command and the Shin Bet for their performance during the three-week war. He also commented on criticism from officers in the three days since the cease-fire took effect.

Olmert said he had considered allowing the army to continue the attack as GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen Yoav Gallant had sought, but felt this would have required a period of time “for which we did not a sufficient diplomatic window.”

The IDF plans to expand the entry of goods into the Gaza Strip in the coming days.

The IDF has also taken preliminary steps to defend military officers against legal charges abroad stemming from their involvement in Operation Cast Lead. The full names of battalion commanders involved in the fighting will be censored to prevent Israeli and international left-wing activists from attempting to try them for war crimes. The names of more senior officers cannot be redacted as their involvement and names have been reported by many media outlets.

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Palestinians sceptical of meaningful change

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 21 gennaio, 2009

Matt Bradley, Foreign Correspondent

The National-UAE

GAZA CITY // As the eyes of the world turned away from the devastation in the Gaza Strip to watch the United States’ first African-American inaugurated as president, the eyes of Gazans turned as well.

But despite Israel’s timing of its withdrawal of ground troops from Gaza to precede the inauguration so as not to test the new president’s tolerance, ordinary Gazans say they remain unimpressed with the man who promised to change the way the United States manages its power. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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U.N. Secretary-General in Gaza to survey damage

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 20 gennaio, 2009

(CNN) — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Gaza Tuesday to assess the damage following Israel’s three-week long bombardment. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Ban Ki-moon visitará hoy Gaza y el sur de Israel

Posted by valentinabalzati su 20 gennaio, 2009


Israel retira a toda prisa sus tropas de Gaza.- Hamás canta victoria y advierte de que volverá a rearmarse.

El secretario general de Naciones Unidas (ONU), Ban Ki-moon, tiene previsto visitar hoy Gaza y el sur de Israel, tres semanas después de la ofensiva israelí contra Hamás en la que han muerto más de 1.300 palestinos, según informan fuentes del Gobierno israelí. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Troops may pull out before inauguration

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 19 gennaio, 2009

The National-UAE

JERUSALEM // Israel hopes to pull all its troops out of the Gaza Strip by the time Barack Obama is inaugurated as president of the United States tomorrow, Israeli officials said.

Israel made this plan known last night at a dinner with European leaders who came to the region in an effort to consolidate the fragile ceasefire that Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers declared on Sunday. The pullout could only be carried out if militants continue to halt their fire, the officials said. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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‘Israel has achieved nothing from this’

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 19 gennaio, 2009

Paul Woodward

The National – UAE

With both Israel and Hamas declaring victory in the war on Gaza and with each independently calling for a ceasefire, the focus of international attention has turned to the consolidation of the ceasefire and the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza.

Israel intends to complete its withdrawal from Gaza prior to Barack Obama’s inauguration as the new US president on Tuesday, Ynet reported. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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