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UNRWA suspends aid to Gaza after Hamas again seizes supplies

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 6 febbraio, 2009

Feb. 6, 2009

UNRWA informed the IDF on Friday it is suspending humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip after Hamas stole supplies it had transferred to the Palestinian territory.

The seizure of 200 tons of supplies, included flour and other staples, took place on Thursday night. In response, UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) officials informed the IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration that it was suspending the deliveries until further notice. Leggi il seguito di questo post »


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UN to probe Gaza compound attack

Posted by alicemarziali su 30 gennaio, 2009

AL JAZEERA INTERNATIONAL“Over the past several weeks, unacceptable and terrible situations have taken place against the civilian people and against particularly the United Nations compounds, where many civilians were sheltered,” he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The UN chief’s announcement came shortly after nine people, seven of them schoolchildren, were injured in an Israeli air raid on Khan Yunis, a city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israel seemed to be targeting a Palestinian fighter on a motorcycle, witnesses told Al Jazeera. There have been a series of raids on Gaza in recent days despite the Israeli government calling a unilateral ceasefire to end the fighting on January 17. 

‘Upset and angered’


Ban said there would be an “independent investigation to look into the case of [the]Unrwa compound bombing”.


The bombing set fire to warehouses, destroying badly-needed food and medical aid.

UN officials say they have evidence that white phosphorous, a smokescreen agent that can cause severe burns, was used in the attack on the UN relief agency’s main building in Gaza that left three people injured.

“I myself saw and visited this compound, which has been destroyed by Israeli forces. It was just, again, unacceptable, and I was very much frustrated and upset and angered by what I had seen,” Ban said.

Israel said Hamas fighters had used the compound to launch attacks on its forces but later apologised for the incident.

A total of 53 installations used by the United Nations Relief and Works agency were damaged or destroyed during Israel’s Gaza campaign including 37 schools – six of which were being used as emergency shelters – six health centres, and two warehouses.

Ban’s investigation will be separate from one that the UN Human Rights Council has launched into alleged violations of humanitarian law during the fighting, but he did not give details on who will carry it out and when.

Raanan Gissin, an adviser to Ariel Sharon, a former Israeli prime minister, said that Israel has nothing to hide and called for any investigation to examine Hamas’s conduct during the war.

“In the 22 days of the war they used their own people as human shields. This is the largest hostage situation in world history,” he said.

“Israel exercised its right to self-defence, taking great care not to harm civilians.

“Hamas has used Unrwa camps – in which armed men are not allowed, according to the UN Charter – to deploy their own weapons and fighters and brought in other people, so that when Israel fired it was turned into a crime scene and a smoking gun was pointed at Israel.”

US demands

The Security Council has yet to take a position on the UN investigation, but Susan Rice, the new US ambassador to the body, said on Thursday that Israel should carry out its own investigation into possible abuses by its forces.

“We expect Israel will meet its international obligations to investigate and we also call upon all members of the international community to refrain from politicising these important issues,” she said.

In her debut speech at the UN Security Council in New York, Rice also said that Hamas was guilty of violating international law “through its rocket attacks against Israeli civilians in southern Israel and the use of civilian facilities to provide protection for its terrorist attacks”. George Mitchell, the US special envoy to the Middle East, is in the region as part of efforts to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But he warned that there could be setbacks. “The tragic violence in Gaza and in southern Israel offers a sobering reminder of the very serious and difficult challenges and unfortunately the setbacks that will come,” he said. More than 1,300 Palestinians, including 44 civilians sheltering at a UN-run school housing refugees, were killed during Israel’s war on Gaza. Thirteen Israel citizens also died during the conflict. The African Union has joined the number of international bodies condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The 53-member African body called on Friday for the United Nations to investigate allegations that Israel violated human rights in a series of “massive, indiscriminate and disproportionate” raids. In Davos on Thursday, Ban also announced an international appeal to raise $613m to help rebuild Gaza. He said the appeal for funds covered the requirements of the UN and other organisations for the next six to nine months, providing aid such as medical care and clean water. Egypt’s foreign ministry said on Friday that the country will host an international conference in March aimed at raising $2bn for the reconstruction of Gaza. The ministry said the conference will be “organised in co-ordination” with the Palestinian Authority, which is led by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and leader of Fatah – Hamas’ main rival.


The UN secretary-general has announced an investigation into the attack on the UN headquarters in the Gaza Strip during Israel’s 22-day assault on the Palestinian territory. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Gazans unimpressed as Hamas dispenses politics along with aid

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 30 gennaio, 2009

Jan. 30, 2009
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

The aid money from Hamas came with a heavy dose of politics.

A Hamas cabinet minister carried a carton stuffed with checks worth nearly $2 million into a Gaza tent camp pitched on the ruins of the Salam neighborhood, close to the Israeli border.

But before hundreds of homeless residents could collect, they had to listen to a political speech. Social Affairs Minister Ahmed al-Kurd told them Israel’s military machine was defeated and that the Hamas government would rebuild their neighborhood bigger and better. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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¿Qué futuro le espera a Hamás?

Posted by valentinabalzati su 30 gennaio, 2009

La imagen de la organización sale reforzada tras el ataque israelí sobre Gaza, pero en la práctica no obtiene ventaja ni en el exterior ni ante Fatah.

PATRICIA R. BLANCO,  El Pais Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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«I responsabili devono pagare»

Posted by Folco Zaffalon su 21 gennaio, 2009

di Michele Giorgio – GERUSALEMME – Il Manifesto

Il capo delle Nazioni Unite chiede di appurare le responsabilità per l’uccisione di civili. E l’Unrwa: aprire i valichi per consentire l’ingresso di aiuti. Israele: no finché Hamas non libererà Shalit Il segretario generale dell’Onu Ban Ki-moon tra le macerie della Striscia: ho il cuore spezzato
Gaza «spezza il cuore», è «straziante». Il segretario generale dell’Onu Ban Ki-moon ha usato queste parole per descrivere le immense distruzioni che ieri gli sono passate davanti agli occhi mentre visitava la Striscia devastata da 22 giorni di bombardamenti israeliani. Una missione breve, ma che al numero uno del Palazzo di vetro è servita per rendersi conto delle condizioni in cui l’offensiva «Piombo fuso» ha lasciato Gaza e per leggere negli occhi di uomini, donne e bambini la paura della morte. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Palestinians sceptical of meaningful change

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 21 gennaio, 2009

Matt Bradley, Foreign Correspondent

The National-UAE

GAZA CITY // As the eyes of the world turned away from the devastation in the Gaza Strip to watch the United States’ first African-American inaugurated as president, the eyes of Gazans turned as well.

But despite Israel’s timing of its withdrawal of ground troops from Gaza to precede the inauguration so as not to test the new president’s tolerance, ordinary Gazans say they remain unimpressed with the man who promised to change the way the United States manages its power. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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U.N. Secretary-General in Gaza to survey damage

Posted by Andrea Pompozzi su 20 gennaio, 2009

(CNN) — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Gaza Tuesday to assess the damage following Israel’s three-week long bombardment. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Gazans pick up pieces as guns fall silent

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 19 gennaio, 2009

Omar Karmi and Safwat Kahlout, Foreign Correspondents

The National – UAE

GAZA // It was the first quiet day in Gaza in more than three weeks. And as both Israel and Hamas vowed to hold fire, for now at least, Gazans slowly began to emerge from their shelters to take stock.

In some areas, that was easily done. In Beit Lahiya, an agricultural village north-east of Gaza City, where Israeli troops and tanks had pushed in early in the offensive and which was the scene of some heavy fighting, there was devastation everywhere. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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A Message to Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 19 gennaio, 2009


Middle East Times

I can understand that after centuries of persecution it’s satisfying for a Jewish state to be the aggressor for a change, but there’s a codicil that goes with that role. You don’t get to act like a victim any more. “Poor little Israel” just sounds silly when you’re the dominant power in the Middle East. When you’ve invaded several of your neighbors, bombed and defeated them in combat, occupied their land, and taken their homes away from them, it’s time to stop acting oppressed. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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Israel Gears Up PR Following Targeting of Civilian Institutions

Posted by Alessandro Accorsi su 16 gennaio, 2009

MEL FRYKBERG (Middle East Times)

JERUSALEM — Israel’s slick public relations machine, known abroad as the Hasbara, has taken a savage bashing internationally as Israeli attacks on civilian targets such as U.N. installations, schools, ambulances, hospitals and medics continue unabated. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

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